Understanding Building Defects

Understanding Building Defects2

Understanding building defects on the Isle of Wight and Southern England is one of the most common challenges presented to Surveyors.

At Tombleson Associates, we understand that accurate diagnosis of a failure in building fabric or construction detail will lead to effective and appropriate repair strategies. For example, a crack in an external wall can be categorised with the
BRE (Building Research Establishment) classification of damage based on crack width, yet still require judgment based on all influencing factors. Consideration of each building element (however minor) may provide valuable information. Addressing the ‘bigger picture’ and understanding the apparent defect as a whole is crucial.
Competency in Building pathology is the knowledge and experience of defective building fabric; and the subsequent impact upon any adjoining parts. Correct diagnosis is paramount when representing the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) as Building Surveyors serving Hampshire, New Forest, Isle of Wight and West Sussex. For more information on your own building or one you may be interested in purchasing please
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The July Historic Building Calendar

Victorian – Bedford Park, London -
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Bedford Park is regarded as the prototype for later garden suburbs and was conceived by Jonathan Carr, who in 1875 bought 24 acres of land adjacent to the newly built Turnham Green station 30 minutes from the City. The well regarded Victorian architect Richard Norman Shaw was responsible for a number of house types at Bedford Park, and was succeeded by his pupil and protégé Edward J May. In 1880 May designed this terrace of four houses with their distinctive Dutch gables and shell-shaped porches. The terrace is today listed Grade II and Bedford Park is designated as a Conservation Area.

Expert surveyors at Tombleson Associates are not only Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, but also hold high academic qualifications in the field of Historic Building Conservation. We regularly examine and survey Victorain Buildings like Bedford Park in Hampshire, New Forest, Isle of Wight, West Sussex and Dorset.

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